Spread the Love: Ten/Two by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the Love for Ten/Two, a collection of Ten Plays for Two Actors, all inspired by the numbers Ten and Two.

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Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are at the Two Ten gallery, which is very convenient since this week we’re talking about Ten Two. But now that we’ve got this shot, it’s really cold, – I’m going inside.

That’s better. Ok, back to Ten Two. Ten Two is a collection of short plays. Ten plays for two actors, all of them roughly ten minutes in length. And it is a fabulous collection because, you can do the plays independently or you can put them all together for a full evening of theatre, because all the plays are thematically linked. They all mention ten and two in some way. There’s the driving instructor scene – hands in the ten and two position. There’s a play called Pretty Girl/Plain Girl – I’m a ten, you’re a two. Plays take place at 10:02 and 2:10 in the morning. You get the idea. Craig what do you love about Ten Two?

Well, in addition to some great writing for teens, it’s one of the most flexible scripts we have. If you’re looking for a full length play it’s here. If you’re looking for a one act play, it’s here. If you’re looking for ten minute plays, they’re here. And if you looking for duet scenes for class work, they’re here too. It’s the ultimate resource.

That’s it for Spread the Love. Now we’re going to make some hot coco and warm up.

Lindsay spreads the love for Theatrefolk’s Middle School Material. Middle School Monologues for Girls, Middle School Monologues for Guys, and our brand new Middle School scene book.

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