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The One Thing I Never Want My Students to Forget is…

This past weekend, I posted the following on our Facebook page:

The one thing I never want my students to forget is ___________________.

Boy was I inspired by the responses! Here is a selection of the responses.

  • It is ok to be different.Adam McShane Henjum
  • The importance of LISTENING!Janette Gaines
  • That they are capable of doing so much more than they realise (if they just have faith in themselves)!!Jade Kemp
  • If it’s not your prop, don’t touch it!Pam Creasman Wheeler
  • EMPATHY!Cate Brewer
  • To work as a team and at the same time DO YOUR JOB (don’t worry about someone else’s job).Caitlin Oates Gioe
  • United we stand; divided we fall. Let’s give them the best damn show of all. Give em hell!Cris Medina
  • To stop learning and growing is the real death of a human being, and the only one we should be afraid of.Rob Tromp
  • There are no small parts, only small actors.Johnie Beth Matthews
  • To know what it feels like to be an Artist.Sarah Ilijanich
  • Breathe!Michael Fenwick
  • Leave it better than you found it.Greg Hils
  • Theatre is a team sport (there is no “i” in either cast or crew), except that there is no second string, only the first string, so the show must always go on no matter what. JR Simons
  • Never stop questioning.Jared Lee
  • Their lines and cues. :)Haley Salitros
  • You can learn something from every production you see, even if it’s what not to do.Patricia Rataj
  • Don’t surrender to fear. Feel it, but do it in spite of the fear!!Maggie Hollis
  • DON’T CHEW GUM ONSTAGE!Wendy Proctor
  • Show Respect.Glori Ann
  • You can never use too much glow tape!Chris Boggs
  • To do the right thing…. Even if it means making a tough choice…Rassika Malhotra Risko
  • Less is more sometimes. And all of the above ones as well!Susan Ryan
  • Theatre matters.James Fisher
  • You can change people’s lives with what you do on stage (and off).Linda Bruning
  • Have fun!Andrea Purnell
  • The show must go on….Christina Knorr Dunbar
  • Process.Roger MacDonald
  • Pay attention. Pay attention to how you feel. Use it. Pay attention to the world around you. And pay attention to the scene, really listen.Rena McCully
  • To have fun…because if you aren’t having fun it’s not worth doing!Amy Medina
  • “?The zest for and love of life theatre folk have!Gary Shantz
  • Find inspiration in all life’s moments whether big or small, happy or sad, failure or success.Brandi Walker
  • Passion.Matt Nicholson
  • Every role is important, even when you’re standing still. Be in the moment.Gwen Adams
  • It’s okay to make a mistake.Patrick M Bailey
  • Learn to give up control. Be okay with just being still. Accept uncertainty within the work and self.Matthew Bowerman
  • Even when you think life is too hard, there is someone in theatre who loves you.Garrard County High School Theatre Department
  • You can be great. It’s all up to you.Lonnie Royal
  • Listen, react, respond.Bill Algeo

Thanks, everybody! Your responses were wonderful.

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