A Character Study Comedy: Beauty and the Bee

Beauty and the Bee
Written by Lindsay Price

When two worlds collide sparks are bound to fly! Such is the case in the movement-based comedy Beauty and the Bee by Lindsay Price. Perfect for high school and middle school students alike, this is an excellent play with a strong focus on character study and development.

Catherine is a high school beauty queen cheerleader. Cosette is a homeschooled spelling bee champion. Two sisters could never be farther apart. So when their worlds collide sparks are bound to fly. The buzzing in their brains gets so hot that life-sized giant bees enter the picture. Then the emotions explode!

Sisters, spelling bees, fruit leather, fitting in, photographs, photo ops, say cheese…

Andrea Watson and the talented performers at Stony Brook School in Westford, MA had a great time performing Beauty and the Bee and took some of the key messages to heart.

I had my students do some work on the different pressures they think the bees represent, and each of them is going to wear that pressure on their shirt (“be pretty” “be smart” “be the star”)

– Andrea Watson

Great stuff, Stony Brook!

Photo credit: ASA Photographic.

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