A Fun-Filled Shakespearean Adaptation: Cobweb Dreams

Cobweb Dreams
Written by Lindsay Price

It can be tough at times to get students excited about Shakespeare but that was before Cobweb Dreams by Lindsay Price. This fun-filled fantasy parallels the events of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and allows students to have some fun in the forest. Cobweb is not having a good time as part of Titania’s train. She dreams of a life where she plays pranks all day long and doesn’t have to be a stuffy, stuck-up fairy in waiting. If only it was a simple as crossing the brook to be part of Oberon’s train!

We love these pictures of James River High School’s production under the direction of Allison Oyler.

We thoroughly enjoyed putting on Cobweb Dreams last spring. Kids are STILL talking about how much they loved the show.

-Allison Oyler


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