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Theatrical Affirmations for Drama Students

To affirm: To state positively; to state as true; to support by giving approval or encouragement
Affirmation: A positive statement; the assertion that something is true

Sometimes words of affirmation can raise morale or bring a smile to someone’s face. Why not discuss and share theatrical affirmations with your students if they’re in a bit of a slump or need a confidence boost?

First, discuss with students what affirmations are and why they can be helpful in the drama classroom.

Then feel free to use them in different ways:

  • Have students select an affirmation and design a poster, graphic (laptop or cell phone wallpaper background), or social media post. Display the posters in your classroom and share the graphics on your department website or social media channels.
  • Use the affirmations as prompts for journaling, bell work, improv, or playwriting. For example, create a character that uses the affirmation as the basis for an inspirational monologue, or use the prompt for a scene in which one character is giving advice to another.
  • Have students write their own affirmations and use them in class. For example, they could write warm fuzzies and give them to their classmates. Or, have them search through plays or musicals for inspirational quotes and affirmations to see how many they can find. Note the name of the play, the author, the character who said the quote, and the act and scene numbers.

  1. I can always ask for help or clarification.
  2. What I put in is what I get out. (Or, I practice how I’d like to perform.
  3. There’s no such thing as a perfect performance (or rehearsal, or run-through — use whatever situation is most pertinent at that moment).
  4. Practice makes progress.
  5. Aim for excellence, not perfection.
  6. Notes help me grow as a performer.
  7. I make the most of every opportunity onstage.
  8. I listen to my cast and crew mates.
  9. I embrace the magical “yet”.
  10. Every role, no matter the size, is an opportunity to learn and grow as a performer.
  11. An audition is an opportunity to perform, and I make the most of it.
  12. Nerves are normal, and I can use that energy to my advantage.
  13. Lighting technicians brighten any room they’re in.
  14. Audio and microphone technicians make everyone sound that much better.
  15. My voice and point of view are unique and important.
  16. The skills I learn in drama class serve me in many aspects of my daily life.
  17. I give my best effort in drama class every day.
  18. Through performance, I have the opportunity to make audiences think, to share important messages, and to bring joy and entertainment.
  19. I am open to exploring new ways of creating theatre.
  20. In drama class, I can be vulnerable and brave at the same time.

Be sure to check out our affirmations for teachers as well.

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