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Tips to Make Rehearsals Efficient and Effective

Tips to make rehearsals efficient and effective
Written by Lindsay Price

We asked drama teachers: How do you make your rehearsals run efficiently and effectively?

Let’s hear from teachers on the front lines.

Punctuality and Preparedness
  • Communicate the schedule
  • Be on time. This means cast and crew
  • Start on time – just as important!
  • Have a good warm-up planned for vocals, character development, and physical
  • Have a game plan for the goals of the rehearsal
Attitude goes a long way
  • Bring good-natured and hardworking attitudes
  • Don’t expect perfection, but expect dedication
  • Respect the goals of the rehearsal
  • Have patience
  • Know when to stop
  • Be willing to be vulnerable
Reflect and Plan
  • End on time
  • Clean up
  • Have a reflective wrap up at the end for actors, crew, and director.
  • Communicate the next scheduled rehearsal and plans
  • Celebrate the hard work done!
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