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What is the best thing about being a drama teacher?

Drama teachers are special people. Sharing their passion for theatre and the arts with their students is an incredible gift, and the impact of a great drama teacher extends far beyond the classroom. 

So, we asked drama teachers: What is the best thing about being a drama teacher?

So. Much. Fun.

I laugh every day at work. Often multiple times a day. I cherish that. (Karl M.)

People don’t bat an eye when you dress weird. (Brittany M.)

It’s fun. We get to be silly and create things together. (Brianna F.)

Being able to let loose and have fun with the kids. (Shannon J.)

Getting to play all day long. (Adrienne L.)

Allowing kids to play again. (Steven S.)

The lightbulb moments

Teaching them that playing is beneficial, learning how to embrace failure, and creating a growing mindset. (Danni R.)

Seeing students whose master status is “I can’t” become confident and capable young adults. (Pat S.)

The lightbulb moments. (Sharon S.)

Seeing the lightbulb, enjoyment, and excitement in my students!! (Caitlin P.)

Watching people find the joy of discovering that they can do way more than they thought, especially kids! (Angela V.)

The creativity! The ‘AHA’ moment of how to play a scene or realizing why cheating out to the audience is to their advantage! (Chuck R.)

Watching them ‘get it’ and seeing their little minds explode with creativity! (Vicky B.)

Lightbulb ‘AHA’ moments. (Amina J.)

Watching kids discover their voice! (Christi W.)

Helping students become their best selves

Watching kids grow, soar, and maximize their creative potential. (Bernie D.)

Watching students find a part of themselves they didn’t know existed and making something really positive out of it! (David B.)

Getting a bunch of students together and showing them how through teamwork they can produce a shared experience of something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. (John S.)

Witnessing students come alive through play, shifting into states of creative potential and exploration together, revealing the potential for this at any given moment. (Diana W.)

Seeing kids learn and grow through something they love! (Skee R.)

When a kid comes in nervous and says “I can’t do this” and in the end asks when auditions are!!! (MMS)

Watching them discover their talents and ultimate potential!! (Greer M.)

Empowering students. (Kate W.)

Building relationships

Seeing their talent grow and developing long-lasting relationships. There’s so much more but that’s a start. (Kim M.)

Being the teacher a student remembers the longest after graduation. I’ve even gotten a couple of wedding invitations. (Kim R.)

All my students and developing a bond with them that they have with no other teacher. (Cha Y.)

Being the only class of the day where students can be themselves, create joy, and make meaningful connections with other humans. And this isn’t me just making assumptions — it’s what my students tell me. If that doesn’t fill my life with a sense of meaning and purpose, nothing will. (April M.)

Connecting! (Ray W.)

The impact and relationships made! (Paula S.)

It’s all about the students

Seeing kids come alive with what they love! (Jill O.)

When I make students see that they are as beautiful and valuable as I see them every day. (Jeff S.)

The students! (Katie B.)

Definitely the kids!! (PPB)

Every student and every moment. (Denise H.)

Sharing a love of theatre

Teaching the future of world theatre who will become theatre educators, performers, technical designers, production staff members, arts administrators, playwrights, then if they choose, parents who will share the power of theatre with their children, family members, volunteers. (Gai J.)

Going to the theatre, cinema, or turning on a television and seeing former students doing their thing. (Heidy P.)

Building a community

Watching someone find the group in which they thrive! (Nadine J.)

The weird magical family we create together!! (Ali W.)

The love and community, creativity, and laughs. (Jen D.)

All the collaboration! (Brooke P.)

Growing together

Growing with them! (Jackie V.)

The discovery of self for all of us. (Lawrence W.)

Being able to see a different side of the students outside of the classroom and being able to express myself in a different way outside of the classroom. (Irene I.)

The joy of teaching

The memories. (Ale T.)

Creating something new every day! (Jim M.)

Changing lives! (Deborah F.)

Everything! (Michael S.)

Doing something new everyday! No two days are alike! (DFL)

Joy! So much joy. (Hannah L.)

The adrenaline of rehearsals. (Vanny E.)

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