Breath Control and Projection

Created by Elisabeth Oppelt

In this course, you will learn what breath control and projection are, how to breathe from your diaphragm and speak loudly without yelling, and how to teach these skills to your students. Led by teacher and singer Elisabeth Oppelt, this course will be helpful both in your teaching practices and in creating material to teach your students. This course also includes both formal and informal assessments for you to use in your classroom.

Lesson 0: Introduction 2:25 FREE PREVIEW
Meeting the instructor and learn more about the overall arc of the course.
Lesson 1: Preparing the Body to Breathe 7:35 FREE PREVIEW
“Preparing the Body to Breathe” focuses on posture and how proper air flow aids in projection and ultimately protecting the voice.
Lesson 2: Anatomy of Breathing 7:08
“The Anatomy of Breathing” reviews the function of the lungs and diaphragm and demonstrates how we tend to try and use our chests to breathe rather than the diaphragm
Lesson 3: Using the Diaphragm 8:44
“Using the Diaphragm to Breathe” contains a series of exercises aimed at training you to use the diaphragm and help to strengthen it as well.
Lesson 4: Yelling vs. Projection 10:16
“Projection” starts to determine the difference between yelling and projecting and includes exercises that help you and your students learn to project.
Lesson 5: How to Teach Students to Use the Diaphragm 6:41
“How to Apply What You’ve Learned to Your Students” focuses on how to guide your students to use their diaphragm muscle. Take what you’ve learned so far and apply it to how you’ll work with your students.
Lesson 6: Teaching Students How to Project 6:27
“How to Teach Students to Project.” Sounds daunting doesn’t it? Don’t worry, this module guides you in working with your students to enhance their projection. It even introduces you to some common challenges students face when learning to project.
Lesson 7: Assessments for Understanding 4:36
“Possible Assessments to Test for Understanding.” In this module you gain tools so that you can assess your students’ progress.

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