Completely, Absolutely Normal: Vignettes About LGBTQ+ Teens by Bradley Walton is a collection of ten interconnected vignettes with LGBTQ+ themes that are unified by the emotion and humanity found in anyone who is completely, absolutely normal. Great for production or class work. Click to learn more!


Environmental issues

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The Burgundy Letter

by Kirk Shimano

Hester90 is publicly shamed and shunned for a racial slur against another student.

  • About 50 minutes
  • 1 M + 2 W + 6 Any Gender, plus 0-100 “The Anonymous” characters
  • Simple set
  • Recommended for High Schools
  • 39 pages

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Moonscape to Treescape

by Craig Mason

An environmental fable about a city that destroys its natural beauty in order to support its only industry.

  • About 50 minutes
  • 8 Any Gender, Easily Expandable
  • Simple Set
  • Recommended for High Schools & Middle Schools
  • 31 pages

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