Theatrefolk: Royalty and Performance Information

Royalty and Performance Information

This information applies to non-professional/school productions only

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License Terms

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What qualifies as a performance?

A performance is any presentation that is viewed by anyone from outside the classroom/production team whether or not admission is charged.

Examples of Performances

  • A performance for members of the community (whether or not admission is charged).
  • A performance at a school assembly.
  • A dress rehearsal where parents and friends are invited.

Examples of Non-Performances

  • A scene presented in-class for other students in the class.
  • A tech dress/run-through/rehearsal where the only people watching are part of the regular cast & crew.


Productions of our plays must be rehearsed using either original published copies of the script or with scripts reproduced under a script distribution license issued by us.

Thank you for respecting copyright law. Our playwrights earn a living based on your honesty.

Your order will be delayed if you book performance rights without arranging for scripts and we cannot locate a past record of script purchases.