Chemo Girl and Other Plays is an incredible collection of plays that examines the impact of cancer through the eyes of teenagers. Sometime we have to dig deep to find the courage to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Tips for producing
A Lighter Shade of Noir

by Patrick Derksen

A fabulously funny and high styling take on film noir.

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Tips from the Author

No matter how funny the situation Trent Trowel finds himself in, he never sees the humour. He takes his life seriously and never winks at the audience. The more serious he is, the funnier the play will be!

Why not start your rehearsals off by listening to the playwright talk about the play and his experience as a teacher/playwright. Click here to listen to our podcast interview with Patrick Derksen.

Tips from past Producers

Have fun with it! And reach out to the playwright if you get the chance. He is terribly kind, and fun to talk with!

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