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Cobweb Dreams - One Act Version

Production Tips for
Cobweb Dreams - One Act Version

by Lindsay Price

Cobweb is not having a good time as part of Titania’s train. She dreams of a life where she plays pranks all day long and doesn't have to be a stuffy, stuck-up fairy in waiting. If only it was a simple as crossing the brook to be part of Oberon’s train!

But life in the woods is not simple. The King and Queen fight tooth and nail, Cobweb fights to make her dreams come true, and her friends fight to keep her from being turned into a toadstool. A mortal with a donkey head has wandered into the grove and the flower fairies blame Cobweb. Oh will this midsummer night never end?

Cobweb Dreams is a fun-filled fantasy that runs parallel to the events of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Comedy Movement-based Shakespeare

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Tips from the Author

If I was going to give one tip on producing this play it would be this: physical extension. None of these characters are human, so have fun with their physicalities!

Have students extend their limbs away from their bodies. Explore a variety of levels. Would the Woodland Fairies exist in a high space or a low space? How about the Flower Fairies? What part of the body should each group of fairies lead with? Who are the high status fairies and who are the low status fairies?

Get students to take their characters as far away from human as possible!

Tips from past Producers

Levels, levels, levels

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