How to Write a Play for your Students

How to Write a Play for your Students

by Lindsay Price

You’ve chosen to write a play for your students! Where do you start? How to Write a Play for your Students will answer these questions and more.

You can write a play specific to your students and your situation. You can take a project from the idea stage to production. You can create something that your students will never forget.

How do you navigate the writing process on top of your busy schedule? How do you move from the first draft to the final draft? How do you handle it when someone says, It should be easy for you to write a play, you’re a drama teacher?

You can write a play. Not only that, you can write a play that meets the needs of your situation and the needs of your students. How to Write a Play for your Students will help you get started.

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Self-Management in the Drama Classroom

by Kerry Hishon, by Lindsay Price

Self-Management in the Drama Classroom offers a variety of ways to frame self-management with drama-classroom-specific articles, exercises, and an entire Self-Management Playwriting Unit where the focus is not on the final product but the demonstration of self-management skills along the way.

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