Chemo Girl and Other Plays is an incredible collection of plays that examines the impact of cancer through the eyes of teenagers. Sometime we have to dig deep to find the courage to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Tips for producing

by Lindsay Price

A vignette play that embraces the odd. Odd jobs, odd socks, odd one out, odd reactions and odd boyfriends.

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Tips from the Author

The most important thing to remember with this play is that “odd” does not necessarily mean “wacky.” Sometimes we take “odd” to the extreme and try to make every moment heightened or funny. Forcing the funny is never the way to an audience’s heart. Sincerity and authenticity are always more effective.

Look at each character and their oddity. What’s the source? What’s the origin of their odd behaviour? What are they really trying to achieve in the world? Maybe everyone is a little bit odd…​

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