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Practical Technical Theatre

The Complete Solution for Technical Theatre Classrooms

This digital curriculum is perfect for the teacher who feels more at home with a prompt book than a hammer, and would welcome a video-based curriculum for their tech classes and production crews.

Developed by master theatre educators Bob and Marti Fowler, the series is engaging and fun for students. The lessons in this series will help turn your students into valuable theatre technicians who know what to do and how to do it.

Practical Technical Theatre is now included in a Drama Teacher Academy membership. Visit to access or learn more about becoming a Drama Teacher Academy member.
Program One

Introduction to Technical Theatre

A great overview of theatre professionals and their responsibilities. This program is also appropriate for acting and survey classes.

Program Two

Basic Set Construction & Theatre Safety

This program demonstrates how to become a safe and efficient stage carpenter. Identifies basic safety rules that apply to any theatre.

Program Three

Lighting for Theatre

This program is designed to give your students the skills required to light a stage evenly, establish basic moods, create some basic special effects, and troubleshoot many common lighting problems.

Program Four

Audio for Theatre

An in-depth program designed for Technical Theatre Classes and technicians who will be operating audio equipment for your productions. Includes a Survey Class option (basics of Sound Reinforcement and Sound Design), and a separate Sound Design unit.

Program Five

Stage Management

With hands-on demonstrations and real world tips on everything from stage managers to communication to technical rehearsals, this program will have your students running shows like professionals in no time!

Program Six

Set Design

This program illustrates how to maintain top-notch production values in facilities that range from the high school "cafetorium" to state-of-the-art theatres.

Program Seven

Lighting Design

This program is an extension of Lighting For Theatre. It explores advanced concepts of lighting design by investigating the process of designing and executing a complete light plot that incorporates many special effects.

Program Eight

Business & House Management

Enter the working world of the "business of show business" with this program. Develop a system to build patron loyalty, manage ticket sales, create budgets, and prepare for the unexpected.

Program Nine

Careers in Theatre

This program provides video and stills showing professionals working in their specialized areas, including performers, playwrights, composers, stagehands, dressers, designers, scenics, FOH personnel, directors, choreographers, business management personnel, TDs, production managers, crafts personnel, stitchers, drapers, casting directors, and more!

Program Ten

Costuming for Theatre

This program will help your students discover the design process, script and character analysis, research, the functions and elements of costume design, and costume charts and plots.

Practical Technical Theatre is now included in a Drama Teacher Academy membership. Visit to access or learn more about becoming a Drama Teacher Academy member.

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