Do ghosts make a house haunted, or are houses evil to begin with? Only the spooky drama, The House, knows for sure...

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Research & Write Toolkit

Research & Write Toolkit

by Lindsay Price

Research and write projects are a great way to demonstrate comprehension by taking information in one form and applying it to another.

The Research & Write Toolkit is a great way to give students the opportunity to turn their information into theatrical action.

Researching a topic and applying that research in a theatrical way, like writing a play, is a fantastic drama classroom project. The most common issue with these projects is turning research into a theatrical final product.

A play is not a textbook or an informational brochure. The theatricality must come first. But it takes practice to turn information into theatre. The Research & Write Toolkit can help!

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Self-Management in the Drama Classroom

by Kerry Hishon & Lindsay Price

Self-Management in the Drama Classroom offers a variety of ways to frame self-management with drama-classroom-specific articles, exercises, and an entire Self-Management Playwriting Unit where the focus is not on the final product but the demonstration of self-management skills along the way.

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