Same Room, Different Story by Claire Broome is truly the ideal high school play. Available in full-length and one-act versions, it’s perfect for a class project or drama club to take on and make it their own.

Tips for producing
Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

by Bradley Hayward

The lives of seven teenagers become intertwined in this humorous and oftentimes bittersweet collection of ten minute plays. Multiple lengths available.

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Tips from the Author

Here’s a production tip from Bradley Hayward:

The key to producing Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less is getting the entire cast to see how all of the plays are interconnected. The characters may not be in every single play, but their influence is present in each and every one of them. For this reason, I recommend actors being present during rehearsals for the plays they are not physically in, whenever possible. Encourage the actors to listen carefully and look for ways that they “appear” in the other plays, whether directly or implied. This will not only deepen the characterizations, but make the staging of Friend Request and Status Update: A Symphony both easier and more powerful.

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