The Monologue Everything Program

The Monologue Everything Program

by Lindsay Price

Want your students to write their own monologues? Have you tried to incorporate monologue units into the classroom with less-than-satisfactory results? Package includes two ebooks: The Monologue Everything Ebook and The Monologue Everything Classroom Edition.

The Monologue Everything Ebook

Monologues aren’t just play devices: A monologue is a Swiss Army knife for the writer, it’s a warm-up tool, it’s a backstory/character development tool, it can be used in the classroom – the possibilities are endless.

The Monologue Everything Ebook is crammed full of exercises that will help you to become an expert in the art of monologue writing. The ebook takes you through the process as if you were the student. The book speaks to you directly. It is designed for personal learning.
Delivered as a printable PDF

The Monologue Everything Classroom Edition

The Monologue Everything Classroom Edition converts the content in the The Monologue Everything Ebook into Lesson Plans and Rubrics to help you to employ these exercises in a formal classroom setting.
Delivered as a printable PDF

Feedback from Teachers

The grading rubric is very detailed. It has the ability to communicate with a student EXACTLY why they got the grade they did. ~Billy Houck

I found the lesson very easy to follow and very doable for grade 9s and seniors. (I love the picture you have as a prompt – I had all kinds of ideas about what I could write in a monologue.) ~Marybeth Pidgeon

The tasks and order make complete sense! ~Allison Green

Many of their monologues were so rich and a few blew me away! It really helped the playwrights to dig further into their character which lead to them ‘learning’ more about them. In turn, they found additional ways to develop their plot, reveal more, and enrich the conflict. We loved it! I will continue utilizing on all levels. Thank you! ~Roxanne Caravan

One of the things I really like is that it is simple and easy to prepare for the teacher. I think a teacher is much more likely to pick up a lesson that can be executed easily and effectively. Also, if it can be left for a sub (who may or may not have prior experience teaching Theatre) that is a great plus. I think that is most certainly the case with this lesson. ~Christian Kiley

I especially love the bus stop scene writing idea in small groups. That seems a non-intimidating approach to forming a character from “scratch.” ~Connie Travis Voight

Lindsay Price
Lindsay Price is the Vice President of Theatrefolk Inc. and the co-creator of the Drama Teacher Academy. She has been involved with theatre education for over 25 years as a playwright, adjudicator, workshop instructor, resource writer, curriculum supervisor, professional development creator and keynote speaker. Her plays have been performed in schools all over the world with over 1000 productions a year.

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