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ths phne 2.0: the next generation

ths phne 2.0: the next generation

by Lindsay Price

Communication has come a long way, baby. Are you 21st century savvy?

Blog your innermost thoughts. Break up by text. Express your deepest emotions through ringtones and smilies. AND YELL!

You can buy a phone that does dishes, cooks a mean steak and folds socks. Well, perhaps not yet. But you wait, the sock folding cell phone is just around the corner...

Comedy Student Directors Vignettes

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This is a vignette play! What is a Vignette Play?

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

About 30 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
5 Characters
2 M | 3 F, Easily Expandable
Simple Set
27 pages
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Praise for ths phne 2.0: the next generation

Claire Broome
Centauri Summer Arts Camp
It was a very cool experience.
Laurie Yost
Ellsworth Community School
We had a great time doing this play. It was really easy to tweak parts depending on the number of students we had. The audience loved it because it was very applicable to real life.
Barbara Banauch
GRG Laaer-Berg-Straße
The stage directions worked well, and it was fun for the audience to watch.

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