Chemo Girl and Other Plays is an incredible collection of plays that examines the impact of cancer through the eyes of teenagers. Sometime we have to dig deep to find the courage to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Tips for producing
Twelfth Night, or What You Will

cutting and notes by John Minigan from the original by Shakespeare

A one act annotated version of Shakespeare's comedy filled with unrequited love, disguises, and a shipwreck.

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Tips from past Producers

I would encourage any director to consider a play even though the number and sex of the actors doesn't match the script! We had several females that had to play male characters, and even a Feste that was too shy to sing! We also had a very low budget, but sewed some costumes ourselves and borrowed some from a local high school. Our props were simple, but adequate. Pulling our resources together, we were able to have a production that cost very little, but provide a valuable experience for all of us.

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