We Open Tomorrow Night?! by Michael Wehrli is a scripted talent show where you are the stars! Each production can insert their own acts (dance, comedy, singing – the choice is yours) for an hilarious and entertaining evening for all.

RS Paulette

RS Paulette is a former English and Drama teacher who directed plays and musicals at the high school and local community theater. Now, he writes.   

Previous publications and awards include an award winning play in the New Voices for the Theater one-act competition, short comics for Oddgod Press, short stories for the Santa Fe Writers Project, and Time Travels, a companion comic book for the Montclair Art Museum’s 2007 exhibition Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of American Comic Book Superheroes.

Plays by RS Paulette

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The Blue and the Grey

by RS Paulette

This award-winning piece is haunting, exhilarating and theatrical.

  • About 35 minutes
  • 3 M + 4 W, Plus Students
  • Simple set
  • Recommended for High Schools
  • 34 pages

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