5 questions with David Hammers

Written by Lindsay Price

We have a great community of amazing playwrights here at Theatrefolk that contribute to our collection of middle and high school plays. We hope you’ll enjoy this peek behind the curtain as they share how they approach the creative process, how they overcome challenges, and what advice they have for young playwrights. Don’t forget to check out their work!

Meet Theatrefolk Playwright David Hammers – the author of The Tragicomedy of Julia Caesar.

What was your first theatrical experience? How did it impact you?
My first theatrical experience was playing a vampire in my third grade school Halloween play. It really helped me to learn to just have fun with the experience and enjoy it.



Why do you write plays?
I felt that I had stories to tell, and that I wanted to share them with others.



What’s the most challenging part of writing a play?
Making the play actually work on stage like it does in my mind.



How do you address/overcome those challenges?
I rewrite my plays a lot. I am always adjusting them and making dialogue sound better and actions flow easier.



What advice do you have for young writers struggling to finish a draft?
Don’t be afraid to put the play on stage and see what happens. You can always adjust it, and revise it as you work through your first production.



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