Round-up: Back-to-School Resources for Drama Teachers

Whether you’re an experienced drama educator or brand new to the world of theatre, it always helps to have a plan in place. We’ve rounded up some of our best resources to help ease the transition back to the classroom so you and your students can hit the ground running.

First Week Resources:

Drama Teachers – What’s Your Goal?
It’s easy to get tossed into the whirlwind that is the beginning of the school year. It’s just as important to check in with your needs and goals for the upcoming year. You know what you want for your students, but what do you want for yourself?

10 First Week Activities for Drama Class
The first week of drama class can be the toughest of the semester. The activities that work best tend to be games and exercises that are simple and let everyone get to know each other.

Lesson Plans for Drama Teachers
Looking for lesson plans? Look no further! We’ve compiled a big ole’ list of links plus a printable PDF: Top Ten Tips For Writing Awesome Lesson Plans!

10 Questions Every Teacher Needs to Ask
You love to teach, right? Some simple check-ins and self-evaluation can help you hold on to that love for years to come!

3 Get-to-Know-You Games
Many games may seem simple or silly, but they are a good way to gauge your students’ abilities and willingness to participate. We have three simple games that can be used as “get to know you games” or even warmups.

3 Tips to Learn Students’ Names Quickly
It can be challenging to learn names in a drama classroom. But with a little preparation and some practice, learning names quickly will become easier and easier.

Classroom Management:

Top 10 Classroom Management Tips for Drama Teachers
Whether you are a beginning teacher facing a classroom full of students for the first time, or a grizzled theatre veteran (with the creative battle scars to prove it!), here are our top ten classroom management tips!

5 Ways to Quiet Down a Noisy Drama Class (Without Yelling!)
Drama class is fun. But you still need to have your students’ focus and quiet so you can teach amazing lessons without having to constantly raise your voice. Here are five different ways to request (not command!) quiet, without having to yell.

3 Ways to Engage A Large Drama Class
With larger classes, it can be harder to get to know students individually and meet everyone’s needs. With a little bit of planning ahead, engaging your large drama class can be a smooth process. Here are three tips that can help.

Ordered Chaos: Balancing Structure and Creative Activity in the Drama Classroom
The Drama Classroom is a unique place. There must be a balance between creative activity and structure in the drama classroom. How do you set your drama classroom up for success?

New Drama Teacher Toolkit
Are you new to teaching drama? Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone. Find articles on classroom management, exercises, activities and podcasts where you can hear directly from other teachers.

Do you have any tried and true tips you use to stay organized when starting a new school year? Let us know!
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