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New Drama Teacher Toolkit

Welcome New Drama Teacher!

If you are looking for help and support, you have come to the right place.

Here you’ll find articles on classroom management, exercises and activities and podcasts where you can hear directly from other teachers. Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone.

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Exercises and Activities

Having a stash of theatre exercises and activities is going to help keep your sanity in your early days. We’ve got warm ups, get to know you exercises, and activities that work those communication/collaboration skills.

The first task in starting a new year with your students is to get everyone on the same page so you can set the tone for your classes. The best way to do this is through theatre games and warm ups. Here is a list of tried and true games and activities that will help lay the foundation for a successful year in the drama classroom.


The majority of our podcasts involve interviews with teachers. Listen in to hear your peers talk about their experiences.

Sometimes it helps just hearing what other teachers are going through. Being a drama teacher can feel lonely, but you are never alone! Use these podcasts when you need some guidance or inspiration. Whether it is sharing best practices, or just recognizing that other teachers have been through what you are going through, these podcasts are a lifeline between you and your drama peers.

Classroom Management

While a love of theatre or the arts is helpful, it’s not going to make your classroom run smoothly. Knowing how to combine the creative chaos of drama projects with a structure defined by procedure and routine is key to a successful drama classroom.

Here are links to some of the top Classroom Management materials in Theatrefolk and the Drama Teacher Academy. All you have to do to find the answers to your questions, is find the subject that relates to your concern and click the link.


What does it mean to advocate? To speak or act in favour of; to support or recommend.

The sooner you start communicating the value of your program, the better. If you’ve walked into an environment where there is a lot of turnover, or where there is a lack of respect for the arts, get in the habit of advocating for your program. Start small, think long term and find a way to show the value of what you do in a language your community will understand.

Advocacy is at the heart of any successful drama program. Your administration needs to know that you are doing valuable and important work in your classroom, and that you, your students, and your program needs to be supported. Don’t assume your administration automatically believes what you do is worthwhile. You have to be the biggest cheerleader and advocate for your program. The following are materials you can use to help advocate for your program.

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is the foundation of teaching. Lesson plans are maps, mission statements, launching pads, and contracts. Lesson plans help keep everyone working together toward the common goals of learning and understanding.

In the toolkit below, you will learn the structure and terminology of a standard lesson plan and how that lesson plan can be adapted in the theatre classroom. You will learn how to identify and utilize Bloom’s Taxonomy in the creation of your lesson plans and explore the National Standards for Theatre with an eye toward including specific state standards in your completed plans.

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