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Character Analysis Exercise

Character Analysis Exercise
Written by Lindsay Price

Character Analysis can be done in many forms.

  • You can analyze a character in a play you’re studying.
  • You can analyze a character you’re playing in a production.
  • You can analyze a character in a play you’re writing.

This particular Character Analysis Exercise will work in all three circumstances. Do this exercise after you’ve read the play at least once, or you’ve written a first draft.

How much can you learn about your character through the eyes of others?

  1. Choose the character.
  2. What is your point of view of this character?
  3. Choose a second character. What is their relationship with the first character?
  4. Write down everything that this second character says about your character. What words do they use? What attitude is behind the words? What is the emotional context behind the words?
  5. Highlight in the script how this second character responds to your character. Again, focus on the words they use, the attitude behind the words, and the emotional context behind the words.
  6. Write a brief reflection – “How does this second character see your character?” Use the text to support your answer.
  7. Does your point of view of this character change by seeing them through someone elses eyes? Why or why not?
  8. Will you apply this knowledge to your future work on the character? Why or why not?
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