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Why did the chicken cross the road?: Chicken.Road.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Why is the sky blue? What’s two plus two? Why did he kill himself? Find out with Lindsay Price’s issue-based drama, Chicken.Road.

A group of teenagers grapple with unanswered questions as they struggle to understand why someone would run out on to the highway in front of semi. Especially when that someone seemed to have it all.

Here’s a chicken. Here’s the road. There’s the other side. What do you do when there is no answer?

Director Lynne Comartin led the talented student performers at Tecumseh Vista Secondary School  in Tecumseh, Ontario to a multi-award-winning performance. The show received Outstanding Production at the District level for the National Theatre School Drama Festival and advanced to the Regional level, where they received Awards of Merit for Monologue work and Ensemble Work. They were also able to spend time with the playwright, Lindsay Price, to have all of their questions asked and answered:

The whole experience of participating in Regionals was so rewarding for these students. They will always remember this! Thank you for being a part of their day. I believe that meeting you and having the chance to ask you questions about their characters was a huge highlight for them that they will never forget.

Once again, a million thanks for coming to see our show. More importantly, thank you for writing such great plays for young people, especially a play like Chicken. Road. which engages the participants and the audience in a much-needed dialogue about suicide. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of talking about the text and exploring the implications of the words and actions even though we shed many tears in the process. The journey through the text allowed my students to open up about their feelings and share their stories with one another. I think they are better people for it.

Congratulations, Tecumseh Vista Secondary School!

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