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Classroom Exercise: Whaddya Know?

Classroom Exercise: Whaddya Know?
Written by Lindsay Price

One of the keys to Classroom Management is getting students to work well together.

Group work is tricky if students don’t know each other. Why should I share something with this guy who doesn’t say two words in class?

Keep a constant practice of interpersonal learning for your students. Over the next four weeks the Saturday Exercises will act as building blocks toward a more cohesive group through activities that will help your students learn about each other.

Exercise: Whaddya Know Bingo

An easy and fun activity!

  • Create a bingo card with 25 squares. Fill each square with general qualities your students might have: Green eyes, born in another city, likes Brussels sprouts and so on.
  • Give each student a card.
  • Students find other members of the class who match each square (that student then signs the card).
  • The game keeps going till someone yells BINGO!
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