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Classroom Exercise: Whaddya Know?

One of the keys to Classroom Management is getting students to work well together.

Group work is tricky if students don’t know each other. Why should I share something with this guy who doesn’t say two words in class?

Keep a constant practice of interpersonal learning for your students. Over the next four weeks the Saturday Exercises will act as building blocks toward a more cohesive group through activities that will help your students learn about each other.

Exercise: Whaddya Know Bingo

An easy and fun activity!

  • Create a bingo card with 25 squares. Fill each square with general qualities your students might have: Green eyes, born in another city, likes Brussels sprouts and so on.
  • Give each student a card.
  • Students find other members of the class who match each square (that student then signs the card).
  • The game keeps going till someone yells BINGO!
Click to download the free game!

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