Time is ticking… One Hundred Lies

One Hundred Lies
Written by Lindsay Price

Lies are inevitable, but the quality of our relationships are what save or damn us. One Hundred Lies by Alan Haehnel, is so much more than a “game show” play. Prepare for something deeper, more poignant, and by the end, heart breaking.

In this poignant comedy, teenager Liz Nostrand presents her life as a competition, complete with scoreboard and time clock. The goal of the game: To dramatize, in only 30 minutes, 100 significant lies told by and to Liz.

By the final buzzer, though, we see that the most crucial lies in Liz’s life are those she has told herself.

One Hundred Lies brings you in laughing and sends you out thinking.

David Lubin, Sarah Rappaport and the drama group at Seminole Middle School in Plantation, Florida took their production of One Hundred Lies to new heights, with an award-winning performance:

We used this one-act for our Junior Thespian District competition and were lucky enough to be selected for State Competition at the Florida State Junior Thespian Festival. We received a Superior for the show, as well as recognition for how great the scoreboard was.

This one act is challenging, however, with rehearsal and hard work it is a great show. If you are looking for a one act that is different than the ‘norm’ this is a good choice.

TIPS: Have fun and be creative with the use of a scoreboard and running clock. It can be as fancy or as simple as you’d like-just make sure you are clear with the score. Make sure you cast a strong, experienced actor for Liz. Memorizing all those lines is challenging!

Congratulations, Seminole Middle School!

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