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One of a Kind: A Getting to Know You Game

Many getting to know you games consist of students sharing interesting facts about themselves and their personalities. In this game, students will discover things they have in common with their classmates. But, the goal is for students to share unique traits about themselves that none of the other students share, to be both one of a kind and the last student standing. This game can be friendly or competitive, but either way it’s an opportunity for you and your students to learn more about each other. Read on to learn how to play.


1. Have students stand in a circle.

2. Choose one student to begin, or allow a volunteer to start.

3. One at a time, students will share their name and something about themselves: My name is Amy and I have one sister. My name is Marcus and I take swimming lessons. My name is Terry and I have a pet iguana. Students should choose a non-physical trait — it’s easy to see who has brown hair, for example.

4. If another student shares the same trait (for example, Sunil also has one sister), the student who named the trait has to sit down — in this case, Amy. If nobody shares the same trait, the student can remain standing.

NOTE: Let students know that this game does not come with the expectation that they must confess something scandalous or share a secret with the class. This game is not meant to be group therapy; it’s simply a chance to share traits that make students unique.

5. The game will continue to the right. Students will keep naming traits about themselves and finding out whether anyone in the class shares them.

6. Once you’ve gone through the full class, you can keep going if time permits, or call the game there. The goal is for students to share at least one unique fact about themselves while remaining standing as long as possible. If it comes down to a final group of two or three, you can continue playing as long as time remains, or you can crown a double/triple champion.

7. Variations:

  • Non-competitive: When the game passes to the next student, any student who is sitting can stand up again.
  • Friendly competition: Once a student is sitting they are out, but they can still share a trait about themselves and try to get others out. If a seated student shares a unique trait, they can stand back up. Play continues until only one student is standing.
  • Extra competitive (but still friendly): If another student shares the same trait, all of the students with the shared trait sit down. Seated students can still share traits to get others out. If a seated student shares a unique trait, they can stand back up.
  • Memory challenge: Have students go through the list of names and share again the students’ names and their unique facts about themselves.
  • Opposites: Have students try sharing facts about themselves that they think many students in the class will share. In this variation, have students keep a tally of how many facts they have in common with other students.

8. If you wish, your students can complete an exit slip (found below) about their experience playing this game.

Click here for a selection of exit slip questions.
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