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Plays for Social & Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Plays for SEL
Written by Lindsay Price

The drama classroom has always promoted skills and lessons that are based on the foundation of social and emotional learning (SEL). Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making provide students with important life skills: empathy, collaboration, communication, developing and maintaining relationships, time management, and more. 

Every drama class already incorporates many of these concepts into daily lessons through critical thinking exercises, character analysis projects, collaboration activities, problem-solving challenges, and self-reflections. If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate SEL into your classroom, we’ve got a selection of fantastic plays for production or classroom study.

These plays make a great class project activity and can be used to introduce SEL to your students or deepen their understanding and awareness. Plus, many of them come with free Classroom Study Guides, complete with pre-read questions and activities, close reading analysis, and post-read activities, to provide an in-depth theatrical learning experience.

Check out all of our plays to help bring SEL to your classroom here — available in digital PDF and printed scripts.

Click here for a free SEL self-awareness classroom exercise.
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