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Quarantine Tips for Drama Teachers

These are uncertain times and it can feel like all of the “norms” we were used to have been thrown out the window. Maintaining a definitive line between work life and home life – when it’s all happening under the same roof – can be challenging. We’ve got ten tips to help you navigate the current situation to keep your focus as positive as possible.

Ten Quarantine Tips for Drama Teachers 

1. Get dressed. If you have it, wear jewelry. Put on shoes. It will make the day feel different. It brings a sense of purpose to the day and keeps your body used to it’s old normal. And wear pants with buttons pretty regularly, twice a week.

2. On the weekends take naps, but don’t during the week. Keep a schedule. When you maintain a normal schedule, it helps break up the day.

3. Shake up your workspace. Put yourself in a different spot, and something beautiful in front of you to look at. Give yourself extra light. Sometimes you just need to be in a different space to give you the energy you need for the day.

4. Filter your own Facebook feed. You may be in a lot of different educator groups so that you get as much information as you can. But after a certain time of day, stop looking at anything work related. It becomes easy to work all the time when you’re online. It’s important to have clear boundaries. 

5. Just because you’re quarantined, it doesn’t mean you need to stay on a screen or stay inside in your house. Go to wide open spaces, take a walk, go to a park, go out in your backyard, lay in the sun. The vitamin D does a lot. 

6. Make yourself something really delicious. It’s not something you do all the time, but once in awhile, go over the top, step away from your screens and connect with whoever is around you. 

7. Connect to a co-worker who you would normally see and talk to every day in school. Create connection. Quarantine doesn’t mean isolation. 

8. Watch something funny. You may have noticed you haven’t had a good laugh in weeks. Maybe your students haven’t either. Watch something that not just makes you smile, but will make you laugh. Get some laughter into your day.

9. Don’t sit all the time. Spend part of your time on a task that is easy enough to do while standing.

10. Take a minute and celebrate. You are an awesome educator doing something really hard. You are doing a great job. 

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