Distance Learning Resources for Drama

Distance Learning Resources for Drama

Tips for Teaching Remotely

Teaching online can be a challenge. We’ve got some tips, tricks and strategies to help you engage your students in your remote classroom.

Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning

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Quarantine Tips for Drama Teachers

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Tips for Adapting Existing Lessons

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Top 5 tips for Adapting Improv for a Virtual Performance

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How to do an Online Performance of a Play

Tips on doing an online performance using a video conferencing tool such as Zoom.

Exercises for the Online Classroom

These exercises can all be adapted to allow for distance and online learning opportunities.

Exercises from the Theatrefolk Blog

Vocal/Physical Performance Exercises

Monologue/Individual Performance Exercises

Playwriting / Written Drama & Analysis Exercises

Technical Theatre

Larger Projects / ISPs

Drama Class Scavenger Hunt

Costume Challenge: Modernizing a Classic Character’s Ensemble

Rewrite the Ending

Analyzing a Movie Musical

Monologue Exercise: Share Your Heart

"Act It Out" Game: Virtual Classroom Edition

Warm-up Exercise: Brain Dump

Warm-up Game: Buyer & Seller

Warm-up Exercise: Virtual Mirrors

Warm-up Game: Muted Conversations

Warm-up Game: Puppet Dance Party

Improv Game: Creative Defiance

Playwriting Exercise: Prompts from a Book

Playwriting Exercise: Advertisement Prompt

Distance Learning: Framing Exercise

Distance Learning Exercise: Lipdub

What is Your Body Language Saying?

Warm-up Exercises for Trust Building

Drama Fun & Games: Technology Bingo

Superhero Series: Superhero Character Creation

Superhero Series: Adding Support With a Super Sidekick

Superhero Series: Creating Conflict With the Supervillain

Superhero Series: Bringing Your Super World Together

Superhero Series: Final Performance

The Other Side of the Story: The Villain

The Other Side of the Story: The Best Friend

The Other Side of the Story: The Bystander

Easy Distance Learning Activities For When You Just Can’t Think

Warm-Up Game: Show and Tell

Playwriting Exercise: Clothing Prompt

Mask Exploration: Found Object Masks and Online Movement

Make Your Own Mini Musical Revue

Printable Exercises

Technical Theatre Activities

Videoconferencing Etiquette

Issue Personification Exercise

Issue Personification Exercise – Student Handout

Create Your Own Drama Activity Choice Board

Think Now, Think Back Exercise

Cinderella - Video and Quiz

View Cinderella on YouTube Download the Viewing Quiz

Transform the Ordinary

The video shares a costume design idea executed using simple materials. The accompanying activity has students take ordinary materials and transform them into a crown.

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Professional Learning Community Events (PLCs)

Watch PLCs hosted by theatre educators on how to teach drama classes from a distance.

Teaching Playwriting via Distance Learning

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Distance Learning Check-In

Teaching Monologue Writing via Distance Learning


Distance Learning Check-In 2

Looking Ahead to the New Year

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