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Shakespeare Exercise: Reframe the play

Written by Lindsay Price

This is a great classroom exercise to not only have fun with Shakespeare but to also see how well students can re-frame which ever Shakespeare play they are studying.

Take a character from one genre (a Shakespearean play) and re-frame that character by way of a second genre (e.g. Science Fiction movie) through the medium of poster design. Both genres should be clear on the poster.

Follow the template of the below example for your project.

  • Choose a Shakespearean character. (Macbeth)
  • Choose a Science Fiction movie. What sci-fi movie could your Shakespearean character star in? (The Terminator)
  • Re-frame the title of the Science Fiction movie so that it fits your character. (The Kinginator)
  • Create a visual that incorporates elements from both the Shakespeare character and the sci-fi movie. (The character looks like the Terminator but wears a king’s crown.)
  • Create a tagline for this new movie that helps describe who the Shakespearean character is and what they do in the play. (He’s going to be King. Or else.)
Click here to download a PDF version of this exercise!
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