Surviving Sixteen: Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

Sixteen in 10 Minutes
Written by Lindsay Price

Being sixteen may not always be easy but making the decision to perform Sixteen in 10 Minutes by Bradley Hayward should be. This collection of humorous and bittersweet ten-minute plays about the lives of seven teenagers allows the characters to share their struggles, hopes and fears ten minutes at a time. As the audience drops in on these intimate moments, they will come to understand that being sixteen isn’t always easy. Leah Webster and the student performers at Gallatin County High School in Warsaw, KY brought their audience through the experience of being sixteen and all of the ups and downs that go along with it.

My school, Gallatin County High School, performed “Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less” as our Fall Production. We used different students for each scene to ensure that all of my newer actors had time on the stage. The audience loved the scenes and even commented on how some were funny and some were sobering. We had a blast using our 3 projector screens as backdrops to keep our set minimal.

Great job, Gallatin County High School!

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