Spread the Love: Circus Olympus by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week we Spread the Love for Circus Olympus by Lindsay Price. Recorded live very close to a circus!

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Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love where we are in very appropriate surroundings to talk about Circus Olympus. Circus Olympus, where a group of circus performers come to town and perform Greek myths just for you! We have Pandora’s box, and Persephone and the Underworld, King Midas, Medusa and don’t forget the mythapalooza slam jam. Craig what do you love about Circus Olympus?

Well Circus Olympus is three plays in one. It’s a full length play, it’s a one act play, and it’s a twenty minute competition piece. Just one book but all of the instructions are included. It’s also very flexible costuming. It can be done by just dressing the cast in bright colourful t-shirts, all the way up to having a full blown circus on stage. Very flexible. Lindsay what do you love about Circus Olympus?

The inspiration for the play came from a teeny tiny online review of a trapeze version of Pandora’s Box. And that just made me go – Oh! Circus! Myth! Together! Perfect! Love it. Blew my mind.

Circus Olympus is a very light, fun play. The characters are fun, the staging is fun, the costumes are fun, the storytelling is fun. I mean, there’s a tag team myth improv lighting round in the middle of it. This is not Chekhov.

But, there is the opportunity for great challenge and stretching of your actors through the creation of the physical action. And that’s something that I love. Something light and fun, mix it with a challenge.

That’s it for Spread the Love.

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