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Circus Olympus

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

Circus Olympus

by Lindsay Price

The Greek Geek Circus has come to town with a ton of myths to share. A gleeful celebration with a large cast expansion, parts for all and a choice of length.

 About 70 minutes
Act 1: 40 minutes, Act 2: 30 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

6 M | 9 W, Easily Expandable

Simple Set

 63 pages

Comedy Classical Adaptation Movement-based

Average Producer Rating:

Reviews from Past Producers

The circus has come to town! Well… sort of. There's no elephant on a bicycle but there are the Greek Geeks and have they got a story or two to tell. More specifically, a myth or two: Pandora's Box, Persephone and the Underworld, King Midas, Athena and Arachne, and don't forget the Mythapalooza Slam Jam!

A gleeful celebration with excellent large cast expansion and parts for all abilities. Circus elements are optional and are suggested for each myth.

THREE different lengths are included: Two Acts, One Act, or a 20 minute Competition Piece.

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15 Characters
6 M, 9 W, Easily Expandable

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

Greek Geek Ringleaders
Merve [M] 25 / 46 / 110 lines
Narrator. The guy in charge. Fun. 20 minute version: 25 lines 1 act version: 46 lines 2 act version: 110 lines
Ishy [W] 6 / 36 / 61 lines
Narrator. Responsible, but not restrictive. 20 minute version: 6 lines 1 act version: 36 lines 2 act version: 61 lines
Manso [M] 12 / 20 / 42 lines
Gets easily rattled. Definitely nerdy looking. 20 minute version: 12 lines 1 act version: 20 lines 2 act version: 42 lines
Osina [W] 10 / 17 / 28 lines
Nothing rattles her. Sultry and strong. 20 minute version: 10 lines 1 act version: 17 lines 2 act version: 28 lines
Vigit [W] 9 / 18 / 50 lines
The youngest. Green, but not a pushover. 20 minute version: 9 lines 1 act version: 18 lines 2 act version: 50 lines
There are roles for 12 males and 20 females in the ensemble. You will need a minimum ensemble of 10 (4m/6w) for the full version or 7 (3m/4w) for the one act version.

Demeter Versus the Underworld:
Zeus 60 lines
Father of the gods. A schemer who sets the play in action.
Demeter 48 lines
Goddess of fertility. A real earth-mama type.
Persephone 38 lines
Demeter’s daffy daughter. Like: flowers, meadows, and mysterious strangers.
Hades 60 lines
Zeus’ hopelessly nerdy brother, and God of the Underworld. Nursing a serious crush.
Helios 10 lines
The sun, herself. Sees all.
Echo One 4 lines
Helios’ booming voice.
Echo Two 4 lines
Helios’ booming voice.
Hera 22 lines
Mother of the Gods.
Athena 15 lines
Goddess of Wisdom
Aphrodite 11 lines
Goddess of Love.

Perseus and Medusa:
Medusa 2 lines
Snake-haired monster of the piece.
Polydectes 17 lines
A slimy, scheming king.
Perseus 43 lines
A dopey hero whose rhymes need some work.
Danae 7 lines
Perseus’ faithful and long-suffering mother.
Athena 5 lines
Goddess of Wisdom. Bringer of a gift.
Hermes 3 lines
Messenger of the Gods. Bringer of a gift.
Enyo 32 lines
Grae sister. Horror.
Deino 29 lines
Grae sister. Dread.
Pemphredo 28 lines
Grae sister. Alarm.

The Mythapalooza Slam Jam:
Team One A 25 lines
Team One B 21 lines
Team Two A 54 lines
Team Two B 53 lines lines

Athena and Arachne:
Athena 22 lines
Goddess of wisdom and battle, with an emphasis on battle in this story.
Arachne 35 lines
A vain weaver who spurns the gods. What doom looms over her loom?
Townsperson One 6 lines
Wants an autograph.
Townsperson Two 7 lines
Excited to see the contest.
Townsperson Three 6 lines
Initiates the loom-off.
Damara 6 lines
A young girl who reminds Arachne to be humble.
Ibron 15 lines
Arachne’s mother. Protective of her daughter.
Demeter 4 lines
Goddess of fertility. A voice of reason.
Hera 4 lines
Mother of the gods. Quick to recommend harsh punishment.
Aphrodite 5 lines
Goddess of love. Flighty and easily distracted.

King Midas:
Midas 40 lines
A wise king who makes a terrible wish and gets the original gilt-trip.
Penelope 13 lines
King Midas’ daughter, who doesn’t understand the ramifications of her father’s curse.
Guard One 4 lines
One of Midas’ guards. Gets to call someone a canker sore.
Guard Two 3 lines
A second guard of Midas’ castle. Gets to call someone a pile of refuse.
Silenus 12 lines
Dionysus’ loyal servant.

Pandora’s Box:
Zeus 0 lines
Father of the gods. Out to punish Prometheus and Epimetheus one way or another. No lines. Mimed.
Prometheus 0 lines
A forward-thinking brother. Keeps his guard up. No lines. Mimed
Epimetheus 0 lines
An absentminded brother. Lets his heart get the best of him. No lines. Mimed
Pandora 0 lines
A curious girl with an even-more-curious box. No lines. Mimed
Doorbell 3 lines
This doorbell both dings and dongs.
Door 4 lines
A multi-talented role – must creak open, and slam shut.
Hope 3 lines
The final figure to spring from Pandora’s ill-fated box.

Awards and Accolades

Customer Feedback

I have thoroughly enjoyed directing my last three shows - The Canterbury Tales, Will and Whimsy, and Circus Olympus. They are excellent adaptations, creatively conceived and written and classically based, all characteristics I look for in a high school show.

I am retiring this year after directing 63 high school shows over 38 years, but I will encourage my successor to check out your cataglogue of plays.

Nicholas DeLucia, Hancock Central School

We just finished our run of Circus Olympus. It was a huge success--the audience loved it. As the director, I especially appreciated the wide range of characters for all acting abilities. We used 31 kids. I'll be looking for another play like this for the future.

Diane Sullivan, Director, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City, Wisconsin

Prop List

All props used for the show are brought out
banners, whistles, tambourines, top hat with papers
Demeter Versus the Underworld
flowers, flower hat, chair, newspaper, bell
Perseus and Medusa
sword, shield, winged shoes, satchel, Eye of the Grae sisters, bell
The Mythapalooza Slam Jam
timer, bell, tambourines
Athena and Arachne
King Midas
tray, gold coins, bell, stone, toast, gold mask
Pandora’s Box
foam bat, squirting flower, wheelbarrow, snake in a can, whistle, slinky, bouquet of flowers, large box (large enough for actors to jump out of), tambourines

Production Photos

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