Spread the Love: Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Lindsay and Craig talk about Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark, a comedic adaptation of Hamlet… with zombies! Recorded live high above Times Square.


Welcome to Spread the Love. This week it’s all about zombie or not zombie. We have got “Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark” by Chris Stiles and it’s just as you would imagine it is Hamlet with Zombies but it is not just Hamlet with Zombies, no no, Chris has the imaginary world where Hamlet and Zombies exist, make sense, live together. There is so much to love about this play. We are giddy about it. Craig, tell us what you love about “Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark.”

I was just blown away when I first read the script. Now, it’s one thing to decide turn Hamlet into a Zombie play but it’s a whole other thing to make it an engaging theatrical experience. Chris has really gone above board with this play. He manages somehow to tell the entire story of Hamlet in just 35 minutes using zombies and he’s even written it in iambic pentameter. Now how great is that? Lindsay what do you love about “Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark?”

Okay, so I love Shakespeare. I love performing Shakespeare. I don’t love so much how women get the crap roles in Shakespeare. Historically, metaphorically speaking. So I love that in Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark, the women’s roles are plum. They are funny, Gertrude and Ophelia are parts that I want to play. I love that when we get script like that.

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