Spread the Love: Skid Marks Two – Are We There Yet by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Skid Marks Two – Are We There Yet? by Lindsay Price. Recorded live next to a race track somewhere in the vicinity of Tomorrowland.


Hi! Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love.

This week we are talking about Skid Marks 2. You may have noticed we have a little bit of competition here with the cars but I’m going to try to just speak up and you guys have something pretty to look at.

We have two plays called Skid Marks. Skid Marks 1 – A Play About Driving and Skid Marks 2 – Are We There Yet? Skid Marks 2 focuses on the road trip. There are three stories: The road trip to change your life, that last road trip before you head off to college, and the family bonding road trip. Craig, what do you love about Skid Marks 2?

What I love about Skid Marks 2 is, first of all, it’s a vignette play, and it’s got all those great things that people look for in their vignette plays: Big cast, flexible cast, and lots of parts for lots of people. But… what it also has is a throughline story. So the vignette plays normally have compartmentalized stories. You see them once and they’re over. Skid Marks 2 – what’s great about it is that you see a throughline of a story that goes from beginning to middle to end. And there’s three different stories that we follow. Lindsay, what do you love about Skid Marks 2?

Yeah that’s right. Because it’s only three stories, you not only get a throughline of the story, you get some better character development. And that’s what I love about Skid Marks 2, it’s got some meatier characters to it. So if you like the quick pace of the vignette play but you just want a little bit more for your actors, Skid Marks 2 is for you. Nice characters. That’s it for Spread the Love!

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