Spread the Love: The Waking Moment by Bradley Hayward

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Lindsay and Craig talk about The Waking Moment, an Issue play by Bradley Hayward.


Welcome to Spread the Love. And this week we’re looking at The Waking Moment by Bradley Hayward. The Waking Moment is a tough play, that doesn’t often get done but we’re very proud to carry. The play is about two friends – Rhonda and Julie. Julie is very woe is me about her life, her absent father, her nosy mother. Julie thinks Rhonda has the best life, the best family, the best of everything. Julie wishes she could have Rhonda’s life and through a theatrical ‘what if’ she wakes up the next morning as Rhonda. But be careful what you wish for. Rhonda’s life isn’t the best of anything. It’s a true nightmare. Craig what do you love about The Waking Moment?

Well, Bradley sent us two plays at the same time – The Waking Moment and Apostrophe’s. And these plays couldn’t be any more thematically different and they really show Bradley’s depth as a writer. The Waking Moment is one of the toughest, most difficult issue plays that we have. The world of the play is not pretty, but for too many girls, it’s real. I highly recommend this script if you’re looking for an extraordinary challenge for a small cast. This is a play that can change lives.

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