Worth the Wait: Wait Wait Bo Bait

Wait Wait Bo Bait
Written by Lindsay Price

Wait Wait Bo Bait by Lindsay Price is a vignette play all about waiting that’s definitely worth the wait. A high school play with a separate middle school version, students of all ages will not have to wait to impress their audiences or themselves.

Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… What are you waiting for, right now?

Christmas to come? The phone to ring? Class to be over? The man of your dreams? The line to move? The answer? To be yelled at for setting a toilet on fire?

We all have to wait. How long will you? Could you wait all day, or is it killing you? Are you staring at the phone, the line, the door, a clock? A watched clock never boils you know…

The drama team at Fennimore High School in Fennimore, Wisconsin did not have to wait to impress their audience with their performance of Wait Wait Bo Bait. Director Lisa Evans was thrilled to share their success:

My Dramatic Production class at Fennimore High School presented Wait Wait Bo Bait to members of the student body as the culminating activity for their first semester class. I was very proud of my students and the production. Some of the class members had never appeared on stage before. 

*Photo credit: Carol Jozefowicz

Great work, Fennimore High School!

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