Write and Win Entry: Emotional Baggage

Written by Craig Mason

Today I want to share a Write and Win entry from Cheyenne Drews of New Smyrna Beach High School. She’s currently rehearsing Emotional Baggage and writes about her amazing experiences:

I never thought a production could be as exhausting and rewarding as the play I’m currently in. If there are people out there that have not seen or read the play, Emotional Baggage, you’re missing out on so much. I don’t know how Lindsay Price does it but every play she writes is indescribable.

I’m currently working on Emotional Baggage as my school’s submission of a one act to the District Competition. We have rehearsals for at least two hours after school every single day but it is so worth it.

This play is a pantomime with props and we’re actually doing it in mask. Our masks were made with each character in mind but the way they fit us personally is incredible! Each person was made to play their part and our faces just work so well with the design of the masks.

For most of us this was our first play in mask and I have grown to discover just how difficult physical theatre is. You have to make each movement big, clear, and concise if you want your audience to get it. The hardest part however, is expressing emotions without the use of your face or voice. I fully believe this will be the biggest learning experience I will have during my high school acting.

I am a sophomore myself and seven of the ten actors in the show are seniors. Six of the ten actors have gone on to the State Level Competition. In other words, I’m working with the most experienced my troop has to offer and I’m loving every minute of it. Mycast mates are forever passing knowledge onto me and we continue to learn new things each rehearsal.

It is a very odd experience memorizing blocking instead of lines but I am fascinated with how different it is. We each assume a physical character that we must keep constant throughout the show. If you combine intense physical theatre, masks and stage lights, it’s a super-hot and exhausting play to work on but we are all so dedicated and devoted to this play. We just don’t want to disappoint ourselves and the playwright who is actually coming to watch a rehearsal of ours.

Emotional Baggage is beyond words and the ‘family’ that has come of my fellow actors is a lifelong relationship that I will carry with me forever.

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