This tutorial, led by Linda Veneris, shows teachers and students how to make blood and gore with easy to find, everyday ingredients.

Included are recipes, video demonstrations, and top 10 tips for working with students on blood and gore. This tutorial can be part of a stage makeup unit in your classroom as well as for productions.

Course Summary

Standards Addressed

7 Modules
33 minutes
2 Credit Hours


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction 2:36
Lesson 2: Top Ten Tips 2:25
Video 1: Base Blood Recipe 9:22
Video 2: Fixed Blood 5:11
Video 3: Gore 5:52
Video 4: Abrasions 2:49
Video 5: Bruising 5:16

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Standards Addressed

National Core Arts Standards

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work - High School Accomplished

TH:Cr1.1.HSII.b - Understand and apply technology to design solutions for a drama/theatre work.

Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation - Grade HS Proficient

TH:Pr5.1.HSI.b - Use researched technical elements to increase the impact of design for a drama/theatre production.

California VAPA Standards (2019)

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 9 - DRAMA - Connecting and expanding

Demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and the audience

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Connect and expand

Demonstrate respect for self, others, and the audience

GRADE 11 - DRAMA - Connect and expand

Demonstrate awareness of self, others, and audience

GRADE 12 - DRAMA - Connect and expand

Demonstrate respect for self, others, and audience