Making Blood and Gore Tutorial

Created by Linda Veneris

This tutorial, led by Linda Veneris, shows teachers and students how to make blood and gore with easy to find, everyday ingredients.

Included are recipes, video demonstrations, and top 10 tips for working with students on blood and gore. This tutorial can be part of a stage makeup unit in your classroom as well as for productions.

Lesson 1: Introduction 2:36 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson introduces the tutorial and the instructor. It includes handouts for blood recipes, a stage makeup lesson plan, and handout on making bruises, broken skin, and blood.
Lesson 2: Top Ten Tips 2:25 FREE PREVIEW
Follow the top ten tips for making blood with students to ensure that it is a safe and relative mess-free activity.
Video 1: Base Blood Recipe 9:22
This module includes the recipe for base blood and a demonstration.
Video 2: Fixed Blood 5:11
This module covers three ways to make fixed or fix blood.
Video 3: Gore 5:52
This module demonstrates how to make gore.
Video 4: Abrasions 2:49
This module covers stage makeup techniques for abrasions.
Video 5: Bruising 5:16
This module covers stage makeup techniques for bruising.

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