Marketing the Arts

Created by James Van Leishout

This course covers the four stages of creating and implementing a marketing plan. It starts with the question, what are you selling?, and goes all the way through to evaluation. The course covers both traditional and new media, with examples and opportunities to apply the learning to each teacher's own situation.

Lesson 1: Introduction 7:18 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson introduces the course and reviews the four stages in creating and implementing a marketing plan.
Lesson 2: Just the Facts 17:52 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson examines the question - what is your product, and who is your audience.
Lesson 3: Just the Facts Part 2 13:47
This lesson examines the hook - that element that entices your audience to buy your product, as well as determining the markers of success.
Lesson 4: Traditional Media 19:21
This lesson looks at how traditional media works, and how it applies to marketing the arts.
Lesson 5: New Media 22:00
This lesson looks at the new media available on the internet - from search engine optimization to social media.
Lesson 6: The Marketing Plan 23:55
This lesson puts it all together: match the medium to the audience, KISS principle, media release and PSAs, as well as a marketing timeline and calendar.
Lesson 7: The Follow Up 11:53
This lesson covers the importance of the follow up, as well as how persistence and consistency helps convey passion for the event.
Lesson 8: The Value of Evaluation 5:17
This lesson covers assessment and review of an executed marketing plan, including evaluating the process and planning for the future.

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