Play Adaptation Project

Created by Lindsay Price

Adaptation is a fabulous classroom project: it requires students to analyze, adapt, modify, plan synthesize, devise. All the higher order thinking skills.

But you can’t just throw a narrator into a script and call it a day. You have to have a preparation process leading up to the writing process.

In this course you will learn practical exercises and a path to prepare your students to take on their own adaptation project. We’ll look at the guidelines to adaptation, things to think about when choosing a text, how to analyze the source material and writing that first draft.

So join me, Lindsay Price, in the Play Adaptation Project.

Lesson 0: Introduction 3:41 FREE PREVIEW
This module lays out the path for the course.
Lesson 1: What is Adaptation? 6:51 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson defines adaptation, as well as introduces 'hook' exercises to get students engaged in the project.
Lesson 2: Adaptation Guidelines 12:34
This lesson looks at the guidelines for adaptation that students can follow when they start their own project, as well as exercises for students to practice applying these guidelines.
Lesson 3: Choosing a Text 5:27
In this lesson we’re going to look at choosing a text - what goes into choosing a text for adaptation? Students will learn about copyright, the thesis for the adaptation, the why and discussing how changes will affect the original source material - meaning, is the original iconic.
Lesson 4: Close Reading and Analysis 6:20
This lesson gets into the nitty gritty of adaptation; the analysis and close reading of the source material.
Lesson 5: The First Draft 9:47
This lessons covers the next step of taking all this pre-work, all this analysis, and writing the first draft.

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