The Process of Creativity in the Theatre Classroom

Created by Gai Jones

Gai Jones leads this course in establishing an environment of creative experimentation in the theatre classroom, in order to have a group of student actors who value the creative process.

Each lesson shares experiences to foster creativity without the stress of performance by student actors. For the creative process which honors out-of-the-box thinking, there is no assessment section included. There is no product or performance. The important thing is the student actor’s engagement. Their reflections and your observations are valued for positive learning.

This set of lessons includes Tips for the Theatre Educator, based on Gai's own Theatre practice. Scripts are also provided and contain text of what you can say to your students to facilitate their creative processes.

Lesson 0: Introduction 14:55 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course and sets out objectives for each subsequent lesson.
Lesson 1: Setting the Stage 34:05 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson addresses establishing norms to foster creativity for the student actors’ personal journeys, in working with the five senses, first responses and answering open-ended silly questions.
Lesson 2: Small and Large Group Experiences 31:11
This lesson focuses on small and large group ensemble experiences for creative development, while student actors are working with each others.
Lesson 3: Physical Choices 31:39
This lesson details how your student actors can develop creativity in their physical choices.
Lesson 4: Vocal Experiences 22:28
This lesson presents creativity experiences with vocal work.
Lesson 5: Improvisation 24:24
This lesson covers creativity in improvisation exercises.

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