Dialogue Prompts

Use these dialogue prompts for improvisation work. Includes characters, location, want, and a first line for each prompt.

Duet Characters List

Looking for character duet ideas for students to use in improvs, mimes and scene work? Over 85 pairs to choose from!

Duet Scene Scenarios

Use these duet scene scenarios during Improv work or warmup games.

Emotions List

Do your students use the same emotions over and over again in scene work or in improvs? Get them used to expanding their feeling horizon with this list.

Exercise: The Celebrity Gift Bag

Use this exercise to inspire creativity and quick thinking in your classroom.

Improv Warm Up Games

This resource has a list and description of six different warm-up games, great for improv groups or any theatre class.

Improvisation Feedback Tips

These tips will help you answer the question: What should you look for and what do you say afterward in an improv scene?

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Improvisation

This resource is designed to assist you in making your improvisation work as inclusive as possible. It includes questions to ask yourself, improv guidelines discussion, character names and pronouns, and additional discussion points. Use this guide to help create inclusive, safe spaces for all within an improvisation framework.

Location List

Use this list of locations for improv scenarios and scene work.

Objects List

Looking for new objects for students to use in improvs, mimes and scene work? This sheet has over 200 objects to choose from!

Picture Prompt: Awkward

Students sometimes have a hard time with improv because they don’t know where to start. How do I make up lines on the spot? All they need is a little push to get them moving in the right direction. Use picture prompts.
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