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From Audition to Curtain Call: Directing Youth Theatre

by Steven Stack

Directing youth theatre can be one of the most thrilling, rewarding, and exhausting jobs there is – because it’s not just about staging a play. It’s about creating an environment that fosters hard work, dedication, trust, and the willingness to take chances, to “play without fear.”

As a writer/teacher/director of youth theatre for over 15 years, I have developed tools and strategies that enable my students and me to focus on the process of creating theatre while fostering an environment that leads to creative freedom and a cohesive groups that doesn't act as individual “stars,” but as a community of one.

In this course, I will share with you these tips and strategies, along with the ways to implement them in your theatre environment.

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Organized Chaos: Discipline in the Theatre Classroom

by Matt Webster

To the outside observer, theatre classes often appear to be chaotic and lawless. However, successful theatre teachers know how to maintain control of their classrooms.

Organized Chaos: Discipline in the Theatre Classroom will give you tools and strategies to prepare you for challenges you may face as you step up in front of a class of students and introduce them to the art of theatre.

Whether you are a student teacher finishing college, a first-year teacher just starting out in the classroom, or an established teacher with a few years of experience under your belt, these lessons will provide insight and support as you establish discipline in your classroom.

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Basic Lighting for Drama Teachers

by Claire Broome

Join drama teacher Claire Broome and explore the basics of lighting, including lighting systems and instruments, lighting plots, how to record a lighting cue, and alternative sources of lighting. You’ll learn some practical, hands-on ways of using lighting in your classroom or theatre, whether you have a lighting system or not.

This course is packed with hands-on examples, activities for your students, and videos to develop your students’ understanding. Find out why lighting is such an important character in a production.

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Improv Warm Up Games

This resource has a list and description of six different warm-up games, great for improv groups or any theatre class.

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Idea for the Last Weeks of School

Compiled from the DTA Facebook group members - a list of activities and ideas for the final weeks of school - to end your year off with your drama class.

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00 - The 30 Second Monologue Project eBook

This resource is designed to take students through the skills they need to perform a monologue - in steps. Instead of starting with the end goal – that two-minute piece – start at the beginning.
In this eBook you’ll find a four-lesson unit that will take students up the ladder toward that goal, and get students ready to tackle a longer monologue with confidence.

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00 - Scenes for Classroom Study eBook

Use these scenes in your classroom for character study, scene work, substitute teachers, performance, Individual Event competitions, and any other way you can imagine.

Each scene comes from a published play (the complete play can be found on at and is FREE for you to
print, copy, and distribute.
But wait there’s more! Each scene comes with:
• Close Reading Questions
• Staging Suggestions
• Character Development

30 scenes in total within this eBook!

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Emergency Lesson Plans eBook

You need Emergency Lesson Plans. The unexpected comes up all the time.

This Emergency Lesson Plan Collection (30 lessons) will address all of your concerns and take into account all of your sub’s questions. Every Emergency Lesson Plan includes substitute instructions, handouts, and assessment suggestions.

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Improv Games with Purpose

When Improv has a purpose, it’s a win for everyone. You’re teaching skills, and students are learning how to work together rather than go for the individual laugh. The games in this collection are not new and they’re easily googled. But not only do you have all these games in one place, there is an identified purpose for each game, feedback suggestions and questions, game variations, teaching tips, side coaching tips, entry prompts, exit slip questions, and more! It’s about giving every single one of your students the best improv experience from the tentative to the outgoing.

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