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From Audition to Curtain Call: Directing Youth Theatre

by Steven Stack

Directing youth theatre can be one of the most thrilling, rewarding, and exhausting jobs there is – because it’s not just about staging a play. It’s about creating an environment that fosters hard work, dedication, trust, and the willingness to take chances, to “play without fear.” As a writer/teacher/director of youth theatre for over 15 years, I have developed tools and strategies that enable my students and me to focus on the process of creating theatre while fostering an environment that leads to creative freedom and a cohesive groups that doesn't act as individual “stars,” but as a community of one. In this course, I will share with you these tips and strategies, along with the ways to implement them in your theatre environment.


Mock Audition

by Lindsay Price

In this Mock Audition Unit, students will start by discussing the audition process. They will make connections between their personal views and the process. Students will then apply the steps of auditioning from putting together a resume, to choosing a piece based on provided information, to audition etiquette, to the actual audition itself. A final reflection and rubric are provided for use at the end of this unit. A short play is included that can be used as the source material. You can also choose your own play for this process.

Lesson Plans

The Audition Slate

by Annie Dragoo

Making a first impression is the most important part of an audition. By learning to slate with confidence, students will learn how to introduce themselves in an musical theatre audition.

The Musical Theatre Audition Portfolio Project

by Annie Dragoo

Part of the audition process is preparation. And that is not just memorizing a single monologue or one song. It’s preparing a wide variety of material for a variety of situations. By preparing an audition portfolio, students will be ready for any type of audition that may arise. The portfolio will also help students explore different genres of musical theatre.


Be Amazing In Two Minutes Or Less

An audition guide for student actors. Covers choosing, preparing, and performing monologues. Plus - how to process feedback.

Audition Advice

Four key steps to preparing for an audition are outlined in this guide that will help students prepare for auditions.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Character Warm-up

Use this exercise in the early days of rehearsal or even as part of your audition process. It allows students to get into the physical side of a character without having to worry about hitting the “thees” and “thous.” This works well with any Shakespeare play.

Auditioning: The Pre-Audition Workshop

Todd Espeland shares his experience running pre-audition workshops, and demonstrates how they can help get your actors ready for the 'real thing'.

Auditioning: In Front of the Table

Todd Espeland shares his tips for setting yourself up for success in the audition process.

Auditioning: Behind the Table

Todd Espeland shares tips from behind the audition table, to help increase the quality of actors and the quality of the work that actors bring.


Awesome Auditions

Hosted by Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Claire Broome, Karen Loftus

How did your latest round of auditions go? Smooth sailing or full of choppy seas? This PLC will dive into best practices with the audition process whether it be for your spring musical or your next classroom production. Bring your best tips to share in the chat room.

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