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In this unit, students will explore and experiment with the basic building blocks of design: Line, Shape, and Color. Once students have a solid foundation of those concepts, they will move on to stage properties and scenic flats as additional building blocks of design. They will then apply their knowledge and skills to a series of assignments, so they can demonstrate their design knowledge and creativity.

The overview lays out the objectives, description, and lessons for the unit, including pre-knowledge requirements and review.
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1: Line and Shape
Students explore the design concepts of line and shape and how they can be used by a designer to affect an audience.
2: The Color Wheel
Students will apply the color wheel to an understanding of theme and mood in scenic design.
3: Texture
Students explore the design concept of texture and how it can be used by a designer to affect an audience. They will also combine what they have learned thus far to create a dream room.
4: Properties and Prop Design
Students understand what a property is and the various categories of props. Students explore how props are created and acquired.
5: Building Stage Flats
Students will be able to identify the various elements of a stage flat and comprehend the skills, process, and math required to construct a stage flat.
6: Unit Project: Song in a Box
Applying the concepts and skills they have acquired in this unit, students will analyze, design, then build a single, comprehensive miniature set inside of a shoebox (based on a song of their choosing).

Standards Addressed

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